Anal Bleaching

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Anal bleaching

Anal bleaching is a very popular treatment for the discolouration of your butt crack. Intimate area such as your anus or bum hole can get discoloured over time due to many reasons but we have a solution for it which is our anal bleaching treatment. This treatment is for the butt crack area only. You can also book the “*Bikini: Vaginal Area Skin Lightening Treatment” to this session if your bikini area if it needs to be lightened.

**Important the hair needs to be removed from the butt crack area either by shaving before your appointment or you can always add a “Butt Crack Wax” to this service and let us take care of it.

This in-house service for the anal bleaching will help jump start the skin lightening process by getting the skin 1-4 shades lighter.

Areas might lighten all over or in certain areas results vary person to person

.However it is really important to also purchase the home care system to see amazing results in 2-6 weeks.

We do not guarantee the amount of results that may be achieved since each individuals body shows different results. Proceed at your own discretion. 

NO Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid

Common Causes:

  • child birth / pregnancy
  • Age
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Birth Control
  • Shaving
  • Chemical Burn or Reaction to hair removal creams

Anal Bleaching for Home Care

Who needs anal bleaching and what causes the anal discolouration?

Anal bleaching is a very common concern and no it is not just for porn stars or dancers. Intimate area skin discolouration is nothing to feel embarrassed about because you are not alone. At least 1 out of 4 people have discolouration either on underarms, bikini line, inner thigh and anal area.  The anal bleaching treatment can be for done for men and women. There are many causes that can cause this discolouration to occur such as age, hormones, medication, weight gain or just friction from clothing and skin rubbing against the area.  The good thing is that our anal bleaching is FDA approved and safe on even sensitive skin.

FAQ for Anal Bleaching

  • Is anal bleaching safe and am i able to do it at home ?

    Anal bleaching is safe to do at home if you are using our products from south beach skin lightening solutions. This line is FDA approved and dose not contain harsh acids. Also with the home care the results as be seen in as little as 2 weeks.

  • Why dose the hair need to be removed before using the home care product or getting the anal bleaching treatment done?

    The results vary from person to person. However we can see at least 1 to 4 shade of skin lightening instantly from the in house Anal Bleaching Treatment. Sometimes the whole area can get lightened and sometimes certain parts of the area get lightened. We highly recommend to follow up with home care to to achieve maximum results.

  • How many shades will my skin be lightened?

    We recommend for the hair to be removed from the area before getting this treatment done or using the home care product because the hair can absorb the product instead of letting it penetrate deeper into the skin.

  • After getting my vaginal or anal bleaching done will the discolouration come back ?

    It is hard to predict how long the results will stay. If there is another hormonal imbalance or change than yes the discolouration can come back. However our clients have had long last results and you should use the south beach skin lightening solution to for maintenance purposes at home.





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