Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways To Simplify Having A Bikini Wax

Can’t Keep Up?

5 Ways To Simplify Having A Bikini Wax

Getting a bikini wax can be a fantastically liberating experience. Without the correct care and attention though, you can experience some drawbacks including ingrown hairs, bumps and rashes. If your hectic schedule is making you rethink even having a wax, here are five ways to simplify the process. With any luck, you can have a trouble-free experience with little effort.

#1. Ask Friends For Personal Recommendations

According to the Huffington Post, New Jersey almost banned Brazilian waxing after several women developed serious health complications. A study by French dermatologist Francois Desruelles, published online in the Sexually Transmitted Infections journal, looked at the risk of catching Molluscum contagiosum following Brazilian waxing. The pubic hair is there to ward off infections and diseases. As waxing removes the hair and possibly a thin layer of skin, the risk of infections rises. Part of the danger comes from using a cheap service that doesn’t do the waxing properly. A trained beautician should always use hard wax, not too hot, and use a new spatula every time they get more wax from the pot. Ask friends for the best places to go to.

#2. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliation is the best way to both prepare for and recover from your bikini wax. Most beauticians recommend using an exfoliating glove in the shower. This dramatically reduces the incidences of ingrown hair and irritation such as bumps and rashes.

#3. Use An Anti-Bacterial Body Lotion

The risk of developing an infection following a Brazilian wax is lower if you visit a reputable clinic with trained beauticians. Even if you go to the best place, it is still a good idea to remain guarded. Look for signs of infection and be especially concerned if you develop a cold or fever following a wax. Even proper waxing can remove a tiny layer of skin so you need to remain aware of the risk of infection. The best practice is to use an anti-bacterial body lotion for a few weeks after your waxing.

#4. Avoid Standing Water For One Week

Your skin will be in a delicate condition following the waxing procedure, even if administered correctly. While taking a soak in a hot tub feels great, doing so can increase the chances of infection. You should avoid any standing water for at least a week, while your skin recovers. This includes hot tubs, baths, the sea, and swimming pools. Staying in standing water will cause your skin to absorb water and any chemicals or impurities that it contains. This increases the risk of catching an infection.

#5. Lay Off Exercise

After receiving a Brazilian wax, your skin will be highly susceptible to irritation. You should refrain from exercising for a few days after waxing. This will minimize the rubbing and chaffing that your skin may experience during exercise.


If you are looking for a Brazilian wax, following these five tips should make the process a cinch. Be sure to check whether the beautician is following these rules during the waxing and speak up if she isn’t. Stopping a procedure is much better than developing an infection or sickness.