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We get asked a lot of questions regarding waxing whether it’s your first time getting it done or you’re a veteran.

If there is a question you would like to ask that you don’t see listen below do shoot us an email.

Bikini FAQ’s

Is there anything I can do to prep before a bikini wax to avoid ingrown hairs?

Preventing ingrown hair is something that needs to be done not just before the wax appointment but on a weekly basis. Before the appointment We recommend for you to gently exfoliate the area to be waxed the night before in the shower. The reason we say the night before is so that the skin has time to breathe and relax before all the fun your body had to go through in the wax session.

What kind of underwear should I wear after the wax?

Dress Wisely and Don’t wear tight panties for the next few days. Wear plain cotton underwear after your wax for at least 24 hours, lace or un-breathable materials can irritate the area. Also pat your goodies dry after using the washroom instead of using the wiping motion or even better try wet wipes. They need some tender love after all that wax action.

I am nervous and a Bikini wax virgin Help!

Awww isn’t that so sweet. We love our wax virgins, your guys are worked up for no reason. Our waxologits will make you feel so comfortable that you will wish you had gotten a Brazilian wax sooner in life. If You want you can read our Pre wax page under waxing 101 and follow all the tips. The best advice we can give is, come within the first 2 weeks after your visit from mother nature is done, take two pain killers 30 min before the appointment, & arrive 30 min before your appointment time and get the no scream cream to help take the edge off. Oh yeah and stop searching the web your only going to find horror stories mostly.

Mother Nature just gave me a visit, can I still get a wax?

Yes, if this is the only time that works for you then we have no problem waxing you as long as there is a tampon. Heads up though you maybe a little more sensitive than usual. For Wax Virgins we really advise you to wait until right after your visit from mother nature is done to get a bikini wax. The best time for a bikini wax is within the first week right after your period is done. 

Your First Time & What You Can Expect

So you want to have a first-time Brazilian wax, but wait…it’s kind of scary. Chances are you’ve done your research and have landed here at Aroma Waxing Clinic, Toronto’s premier waxing salon. It’s no joke when I say we do over 1000 Brazilian waxes each month! Waxing is what we do, all day long, so we promise – you will be in great hands. Waxing with us will change your life forever. There is attractive freedom about removing unwanted hair that will enhance all aspects of your life, including your love life. Our customers have even described services like our Brazilian Bikini as a liberating experience.

After waxing with us, your skin will look and feel smooth and sexy and at the same time, raise your confidence level to new heights. Waxing is also very hygienic and a great way to show off your arms, legs and bikini on the beach. Our unique waxing services, like our eyebrow and upper lip wax, can help you put your best face forward in the bedroom or the boardroom. Our menu outlines our amazingly affordable prices for each and every individual hair removal service.After waxing with us, you will have nothing left to hide. Try waxing your underarms and see the dark shave shadow disappear forever. Or try waxing your full legs for a life without annoying stubble ever again. Our waxing services include everything from an upper lip wax to a Brazilian Bikini to a full-body waxing experience. We are also very fussy about eyebrows.

Manzilian FAQ’s

What exactly is a “Manzilian” bikini wax ?

In a Manzilian wax, we remove all the hair from the men’s front “firecracker” including the sack and crack. Don’t worry guys with our experienced waxologist your “goods” are in safe hands.

What if I accidentally get aroused?

Let’s face it.. somethings are not in your total control. At the same time, you have to remember that this is a professional service of hair removal only. In the unlikely event that this happens to you – “DONT PANIC”. There’s no need to be embarrassed, your waxologist will ignore it and trust us it will go down pretty fast since there’s nothing exciting about getting a wax.

I’m nervous…will my Manzilian bikini wax hurt?

You betcha! we would be lying if we said no. The pain fades within a few seconds and with each following wax session, the pain gets less which makes it easier to deal with. You can take two pain killers 30 min before the session and/or arrive 30 min before your appointment time and purchase the “no scream cream” we won’t judge.

How long dose it take to get a Manzilian bikini wax?

It’s hard to predict an exact time but you should be in and about in about 30 minutes.

Why is the after care for my Manzilian wax so important?

For the next 24-48 hours after your wax is done it is important for you to keep the area cool and dry. This means avoid touching it, rubbing it, or itching it, all of these things can cause bacteria to spread to the open pores which at times can cause a white little pimple-like reaction.  After the 48 hours all, you have to remember to do scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub it well and scrub it good. Atlas 4-5 times a week using the exfoliation gloves and we swear by our LoveFresh natural Body scrubs that will also help keep the area hydrated. If your someone with curly hair this means you need to really pump up your scrubbing routine. Don’t worry we have some medicated stuff for your “good stuff” to keep it scar and ingrown free, your waxologist will customize the best routine for you so relax.

Will a male or a female wax me?

So we are a unisex wax bar, therefore we do have a male staff member on our team. You can relax he only dose front desk (and scares the creepy men away) so to answer your question all of your wax services are done by professional female waxologist.  Oh yeah, and we will only remove your hair so if you’re looking for some “happy endings” you got the wrong place, buddy.

General FAQ’s

Is there anything I can do to prep before a bikini wax to avoid ingrown hairs?

Preventing ingrown hair is something that needs to be done not just before the wax appointment but on a weekly basis. Before the appointment, We recommend for you to gently exfoliate the area to be waxed the night before in the shower. The reason we say the night before is so that the skin has time to breathe and relax before all the fun your body had to go through in the wax session.

What exactly is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is a hair that has trouble pushing out and up through the skin, instead, it curls back down and under the skin. The hair gets trapped under the dry dead skin, that is why it is very important to scrub as often as you can. Sometimes ingrown hair are more common on areas that get more friction like the bikini line or the area on your legs where clothes fit a little snugger. With the clothing rubbing back and forth on the skin it can irritate the hair as it tries to push through the skin. Due to the irritation, it produces a red raised that looks similar to a pimple, which at times can get inflamed and feel really soar. Sometimes an ingrown hair can feel itchy or sore especially if they are inflamed and often if you pick at them you can actually end up making the situation worst than it actually is. So keep those hands off your goodies and seek advice from a professional.

Does having a particular hair type make me more susceptible to getting them?

If you have coarse and or curly hair you are more prone to getting ingrown hair. The curly hair has the tendency to try and coil back under the skin, either after a wax or a shave. We find also the ethnic background is another factor in who might also be more prone to getting ingrown hair. People with African American, Asian and Hispanic backgrounds also are more prone to getting these bumps on their faces as well as bodies. There is also more oil production in these cultures which is great for younger-looking skin but sucks when it comes to razor bumps and ingrown hair. We do have great products and usually set our clients up with a great home care regime to get this situation in control. Facial scars from ingrown can be embarrassing and we are here to help people get aware of ways to prevent these bumps from happening.

What do I need to avoid right after a wax?

After getting any of your body parts waxed, it is important to follow a few steps for post-care so that your skin does not get irritated and for preventing bumps.  Our Post care steps are tried and tested by us and our clients found these steps to be very effective in order to have a great post-wax experience. Here are a few tips that we highly recommend for 24-48 hours after a wax:

~Hands Off! Keep hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation or small pimples.

~Cool  Off  With a cool temperature shower or bath. Keep the waxed area clean, but do not use harsh cleansers or creams for 24 hours post-wax.

~Not To Hot  No tanning beds, saunas, or steam rooms for the next two days.

~Goods & Goodies Off Limit Sexual activity should be avoided for at least 24 – 48 hours.

~Scrub… Scrub…Scrub… Two full days later use an exfoliating glove in the shower to prevent ingrown hair or bumps

You said no sex for 24-48 hours post wax—why is that?

We always recommend to get the wax done before a “special event” at least 48 hours before, the reason is that the freshly waxed skin is a little tender to the touch and any sort of “friction” may irritate you goodies and good. I mean like if you really really can not wait then here’s a little tip. Soak your goodies or goods in a warm not hot bath with 3 cups of Epson salts for 20 min. After the bath, you should wear loose cotton underwear. But seriously avoid any hanky lanky for ate last the 24 hours.

What are some common mistakes people make after waxing?

One of the most common mistakes that people make after a wax session is that they hit the gym for a workout. After your skin is freshly waxed the pores are open and the chances of sweat sitting in the pores and cause breakouts are very high.  Also, the friction from the clothing rubbing back and forth in a work out session can really irritate the freshly waxed skin. Another very common mistake that people make is that if they have a trip coming up they go for a tanning session either before or right after a wax. This is a big NO NO since a tanning session will feel like cooking your skin. Also, tanning beds are not safe for your skin, especially after a wax session. We do not recommend tanning beds either 48 hours before or after a wax session.  There are a few more post-wax tips we recommend listed on our website for everyone to follow.

Is waxing more or likely to leave you with ingrown hairs than other forms of hair removal? And why?

Waxing is probably the one hair removal service that will actually help you get less ingrown hair with time compared to shaving,in-home splitting machines, or using hair removal creams. A lot of people believe this myth that waxing causes more ingrown. However this is not true, it is the lack of exfoliation at home that causes ingrown hair. When you shave or use hair removal creams that hair is basically cut at the surface of the skin, so when it grows back it is thicker and healthier in growth. Also, the hair grows back within a day or two and as it does it irritates the skin and causes bumps and or ingrown hair. If you were to epilate hair removal machine it causes most of the time breakage in the hair. Since the method of hair removal looks like a bunch on tweezers trying to pull the hair from the roots and as it does some of the hair breaks and coils back under the skin since the tweezer-like machine pinched too hard or pulled the hair in the wrong direction. Now we are left with waxing as the form of hair removal when this is done from a professional waxer the hair is completely removed from the roots making it grow back thin and soft. With each wax session, this hair becomes thin and soft which does not irritate the skin as it tries to grow back. Also, the hair-free period between each session becomes longer. Exfoliation in-home at least a few times a week is highly recommended with either form of hair removal to prevent ingrown hair.

Is there anything I can do on my part to help with the pain?

There are a few things you can do to make this as smooth of a ride a possible, please follow all or most of the suggestions: do not do tanning 48 hours before or after your wax, do not come around or on your period, no lacy underwear’s for 24 hours after, no HANKY PANY for at least 24 hours after ( we are serious, show some love for your goodies ), take two pain killers 30 min before your appointment and you can arrive 30 min before your appointment to get the no scream cream to apply to your goodies. Seriously though don’t think too much, once you get your first one done it will change your life for the better.

Will it hurt the next day ?

If we said NO we would be lying. We will be taking hair out that most likely has been shaved before or been taken off by hair removal creams which makes it super strong hair. So yes for the first session it may take 24 hours for the things to return to normal but you can fasten things up to soothe your self if you follow the steps recommended by your waxologist and using at home our all-natural lotions made with essential oils to soothe your skin.

How long does hair need to be before you can wax?

The wax products need about 5-10 mm of hair to grip, as long as the hair is sticking out of the skin our wax is great at grabbing short hair. One way to see if the hair is long enough without using a measuring tape is to see if you can pinch the hair with your nails than the hair is long enough to be waxed.

Different results will be achieved with shorter hair, but after the second waxing treatment, much more of your hair will be growing at the same rate and the results will be more consistent. If your hair is longer or just natural – then please don’t clipper or shave in advance we will do any trimming if it’s needed.

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Good To Know

Skin Lightening FAQ’s

Who needs anal bleaching and what causes the anal discolouration?

Anal bleaching is a very common concern and is no longer just for people in the adult industry as it’s been assumed for many years. Intimate area skin discolouration is nothing to feel embarrassed about because you are not alone. Did you know that at least 1 out of 4 people have discolouration either on underarms, bikini line, inner thigh and anal area?  The anal bleaching treatment can be for done for men and women. There are many causes that can cause this discolouration to occur such as age, hormones, medication, weight gain or just friction from clothing and skin rubbing against the area.  The good thing is that our anal bleaching is FDA approved and safe on even sensitive skin.

Is anal bleaching safe and am i able to do it at home ?

Anal bleaching is safe to do at home if you are using our products from South Beach Skin Lightening Solutions. This line is FDA approved and does not contain harsh acids. With the addition of our home care treatment, the results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks.

Why does the hair need to be removed before using the home care product or getting the anal bleaching treatment done?

We recommend for the hair to be removed from the area before getting this treatment done or using the home care product because the hair can absorb the product instead of letting it penetrate deeper into the skin.

How many shades will my skin be lightened?

The results vary from person to person. However, we can see at least 1 to 4 shades of skin lightening instantly from the in-house Anal Bleaching Treatment. Sometimes the whole area can get lightened and sometimes certain parts of the area get lightened. We highly recommend to follow up with home care to achieve maximum results.

After getting my vaginal or anal bleaching done will the discolouration come back ?

It is hard to predict how long the results will stay. If there is another hormonal imbalance or change then, yes the discoloration can come back. However, our clients have had long-lasting results and you should use the South Beach Skin Lightening Solution for maintenance purposes at home.

What causes vaginal discolouration? Am I the only one who is suffering from this?

First of all, No you are no the only one who is suffering from vaginal discolouration. This is actually a pretty common question that we get asked all the time since we do specialize in the Quickzilian Brazilian wax and see naked cupcakes all day long. At least 1 in 4 women need the vaginal bleaching service from our experience, so yeh that is very common.

Now, what causes it? There are many factors that can cause the discolouration of the bikini. The most common is the hormonal change in the body.  Our hormones start changing as soon as we hit puberty and never stop changing. If the bikini area dose does not has proper air circulation than this can also be a factor in causing vaginal discolouration.  You can help by making sure to wear cotton panties and clothing so air can properly circulate your cupcake.  The bikini discolouration is more common in darker skin tones. The great thing is no matter what your skin tone is everyone can get a Vaginal bleaching service done. Our Vaginal bleaching service is FDA approved and is safe compared to laser.

Can men use this to lighten the penis?

Yes they can, however, it won’t change the colour of the skin one is born but if the discolouration on the penis has been over time than south beach skin lightening home care will help with lightening the skin colour.

Is vaginal bleaching safe to get done and use at home?

Our in house treatment and home care is safe and effective to use since this is FDA approved.

It also absorbs Quickly and Dries Cleanly in Seconds!

No Oily or Sticky Feeling!

No Hydroquinone or Kojic Acid

No Alcohol, Fragrances, Dyes other Potential Irritants

Who needs underarm bleaching & what causes underarm discolouration?

Underarm bleaching treatment is more in demand by women rather than men. Simply because most guys keep their underarm hair and it is socially acceptable. However, the majority if not all females start practising some form of hair removal from early teenage years. It does not matter what ethnic race or skin colour you are from, the underarm discolouration can occur in any skin colour. Sometimes underarm discolouration can occur simply from shaving and the area getting irritated over time. There are many factors that can go into someone getting underarm discolouration and being in need of underarm bleaching treatment.  From our experience hormone change, age and weight gain or weight loss have a lot to do with the underarm discolouration.  Our treatment is Bleaching Agent free and FDA approved.

How many shades will my underarm discolouration be lightened with one underarm bleaching treatment?

This is a very popular question we get asked every day. The results vary from person to person. It does not matter that ethnic background you are from or how dark your skin is, the good thing is that you will get at least the one shade of underarm discolouration lightened instantly. However the majority of the times we do see up to 4 shades of lightened underarm discolouration from just one in house underarm bleaching treatment. The great thing is that this is a safe treatment.

Will there be any downtime after the underarm bleaching treatment?

No, there is no downtime after this treatment since there are no harsh acids that will irritate the skin. However, irritation can occur from shaving prior to getting the underarm bleaching treatment done. We suggest adding an underarm waxing service to this treatment in order to enjoy smooth results.

Is home care important for underarm discolouration?

We highly recommend for you to maintain at home with the home care product. Using the home care will help further lighten the underarm discoloration and it will also help slow down the hormone that causes the skin to discolor.