Intimate Area Skin Lightening

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You’re not alone!

There’s nothing to feel embarrassed by.

Our Intimate area skin lightening services are cerated for skin discoloration due to mainly hormonal changes.

Our bodies change due to many factors as we age. 

We got a non-invasive solution for you.

Intimate Area Skin Lightening

Anal Skin Lightening


underarms Skin Lightening

Underarm Skin Lightening


Bikini Skin Lightening

Bikini Skin Lightening


Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get

What causes the intimate area of discoloration?

It is actually very common for the bikini, underarms, and anal skin to get discolored.  Both men and women may experience this. A lot of people are shy talking about it. At Allure Body Bar we are here to take the embarrassment out of this topic.


There are many reasons why one might need this service. Everybody needs it for different reasons however, most common reasons tend to be hormonal changes. This may arise after pregnancy, stress, aging, or weight gain.

Don’t Live With It

There is no need to live with it and feel embarrassed. We have an in-house treatment that can help with the skin lightening process.

Who can use and benefit from this?

Back in the day, anal bleaching and bikini line bleaching were most popular between celebrities who wanted to enhance the appearance of their body.

Nowadays, anyone can get the skin lightening treatment done in the comfort of their home or in our wax bar without the use of harsh chemicals.

Is it safe for men to use on their penis?

South beach skin lightening solution has all-natural ingredients in a gel. It is designed to gently and effectively lighten the appearance of dark pigmented areas. Bringing it as close to your own natural skin tone by providing you with a brighter more refreshing look.

This formulation is so gentle that you can use it in the comfort of your own home!

In House Service

The in house treatment offered here at Allure Body Bar is very effective in providing a jump start for your bikini line bleaching and anal bleaching process. Our treatment can give you instant results resulting in at least 1-4 shades of lightness.

Can the discoloration come back after if I stop using the product?

It is hard to predict how long the results will stay. If there is another hormonal imbalance or change then, yes the discoloration can come back.

However, our clients have had long-lasting results and you should use the South Beach Skin Lightening Solution for maintenance purposes at home.

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