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Our Waxologists are licensed and trained regularly on the latest techniques in waxing.

Most importantly we ensure you get the most efficient and as painless of a bikini waxing experience during your pregnancy as possible.


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Speed Waxing

Below The Belt

Quickzilian® Brazilian Wax $ 47

This removes all the hair in the bikini area (you may keep a design in the front if you wish), Butt crack is included.

Itsy Bitsy Bikini Wax $ 36

A really deep bikini wax from the side and the top. (Lips and Butt Crack Not Included)

Classic Bikini Wax $ 27

Removes hair outside the panty line.

Pre Natal Bikini Wax $ 52

We take extra care in removing as much or as little hair that our pregnant ladies would like.

Check out our Pregnancy Waxing page.

Butt Crack Wax $ 18

Buttocks Wax $ 24

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Eyebrow Wax $ 19

Defined Brows (Tint & Wax) $ 35

Lip Wax $ 9

Chin Wax $ 10

Cheeks Wax $ 11

Nose Wax $ 13

The hair is waxed from the Inside of the nostril for a more groomed look.

Sideburns Wax $ 10

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Upper Body

Underarm Wax $ 18

Half Arm Wax $ 24

Full Arm Wax $ 36

Stomach Strip Wax $ 10

Full Stomach Wax $ 24

Chest (Breast) Wax $ 25

Upper Back Wax $ 21

Lower Back Wax $ 17

Full Back Wax $ 34

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Lower Body

Upper Leg Wax $ 32

Lower Leg Wax $ 31

Full Leg Wax $ 55

Benefits Of Brazilian Bikini Waxing

  • Less ingrown hair and bumps to deal with compared to shaving or using hair removal creams.
  • It’s amazing as an instant self-confidence booster.
  • Feel liberated right from the first Brazilian waxing session.
  • The fresh look and feel can instantly boost your sex drive.
  • Our wax is perfect for sensitive skin. It is a cream-based soft wax, so it is used at a cooler temperature than traditional hot wax.
  • Hair texture changes instantly right after the first wax session.
  • Waxing exfoliates dead skin cells making your skin softer and feeling more hydrated.
  • It’s more hygienic to be bare down there. This makes it easier to clean and is less irritating, especially during your monthly visit from Mother Nature.
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Waxing Pre-Care

Being prepared for your wax is important. Do take a minute to check out our Pre waxing care tips.

Waxing Post-Care

Once your wax in done for the next 24 hours you should take extra care of your freshly waxed goodies. You can check out our Post waxing care tips. 

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