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Our Waxologists are trained to the highest standards and maintain professionalism at all times.
Guys there’s no need to feel embarrassed since we provide waxing services to a lot of men. From your Manzilian Brazilian Bikini Waxing to your Full Body Wax.
We will Mow You Clean!
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Speed Waxing

Below The Belt

Manzilian Brazilian Bikini Wax $ 76

Clean up of your goods front, down and under!
Includes: Pubic area. Shaft, Sack and Crack.

(Buttocks not included)

Deep Speedo Bikini Wax $ 46

Clean up around the outline of your underwear front and back but deeper.

(Sack, Shaft and Crack not included)

Butt Crack Wax $ 25

Buttocks Wax $ 34

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Eyebrow Wax $ 17

Defined Brows (Tint & Wax) $ 33

NoseWax $ 12

The hair is waxed from the Inside of the nostril for a more groomed look.

Ear Wax $ 12

Visible hair is removed from the whole ear.

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Upper Body

Underarm Wax $ 16

Shoulders Wax $ 17

Half Arm Wax $ 26

Full Arm Wax $ 40

Chest Wax $ 42+

Upper Back Wax $ 27+

Lower Back Wax $ 25

Full  Back Wax $ 45+

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Lower Body

Upper Leg Wax $ 33

Lower Leg Wax $ 29

Full Leg Wax $ 56

Benefits Of A Manzilian Wax

  • Keeps it fresh
  • It makes your package look bigger!
  • It makes you look tidy and clean.
  • Prevent transmission of one of the most common STD’s (pubic lice)
  • Hair texture changes instantly right after the first wax session.
  • An added bonus? It increases your sensitivity.

We promise to deliver the best male waxing in Toronto.

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Waxing Pre-Care

Before your waxing appointment, it is important to be prepared. Fellows do check out our Pre waxing care tips.

Waxing Post - Care

Now that your going to get waxed the next 24 hours are really important. Below is our Post waxing care tips.