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Our Waxologists are trained to the highest standards and maintain professionalism at all times.
Guys, there’s no need to feel embarrassed since we provide male waxing services in Danforth, Newmarket, and Vaughan to a lot of men. From your Manzilian Brazilian Bikini Waxing to your Full Body Wax.
We will Mow You Clean!
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Speed Waxing

Below The Belt

Manzilian Brazilian Bikini Wax $ 79

Clean up of your goods front, down and under!
Includes: Pubic area. Shaft, Sack and Crack.

(Buttocks not included)

Deep Speedo Bikini Wax $ 49

Clean up around the outline of your underwear front and back but deeper.

(Sack, Shaft and Crack not included)

Butt Crack Wax $ 26

Buttocks Wax $ 35

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Eyebrow Wax $ 19

Defined Brows (Tint & Wax) $ 35

NoseWax $ 13

The hair is waxed from the Inside of the nostril for a more groomed look.

Ear Wax $ 13

Visible hair is removed from the whole ear.

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Upper Body

Underarm Wax $ 18

Shoulders Wax $ 19

Half Arm Wax $ 28

Full Arm Wax $ 43

Chest Wax $ 46+

Upper Back Wax $ 29+

Lower Back Wax $ 27

Full  Back Wax $ 47+

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Lower Body

Upper Leg Wax $ 35

Lower Leg Wax $ 33

Full Leg Wax $ 60

Benefits Of A Manzilian Wax

  • Keeps it fresh
  • It makes your package look bigger!
  • It makes you look tidy and clean.
  • Prevent transmission of one of the most common STD’s (pubic lice)
  • Hair texture changes instantly right after the first wax session.
  • An added bonus? It increases your sensitivity.

We promise to deliver the best male waxing in Toronto.

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Waxing Pre-Care

Before your waxing appointment, it is important to be prepared. Fellows do check out our Pre waxing care tips.

Waxing Post - Care

Now that your going to get waxed the next 24 hours are really important. Below is our Post waxing care tips.

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