5 Must Known Facts About Laser Hair Removal Treatment

by | Aug 15, 2022

Hair on the body? That too on the places quite visible to others? Would not have heard something more miserable than this. As much as we appreciate and promote body positivity and accepting your body the way it is, there comes a time when women prefer getting their hair shaved off permanently. We as women go for the temporary solutions, the solutions that get us even more hair as a result. Today due to the advancement in technology, women all over the world are moving towards more lasting solutions, and laser hair removal is one of them. Both men and women are going for this solution as it is one painless treatment and it reduces your hair growth to the greatest level. Also, we would like to add no it DOES NOT remove your hair permanently.

Imagine wanting to flaunt your backless and sleeveless dress at your friend’s anniversary and the moment you think of stepping out you realize you forgot to shave your hands? That annoying realization would just make you want to skip the party at all. In such instances, we highly like HIGHLY recommend getting a laser hair removal treatment. The best thing about this treatment is it’s painless (undoubtedly) and more than that, it minimizes the growth of overall body hair too, WHAT A RELIEF *Phew*.

However, there are a few facts that we want you to know about!

Works on Every Skin Type

Gone are the days when you had to be of a particular skin type in order to get the laser hair treatment. Today, there is no such thing anymore, whatever your skin type is, you can get the treatment. Thanks to the new technologies today the expansion of the laser hair removal breath is now possible. However, you must know it is not perfect, in case you have a darker skin tone, we would recommend you still consult your doctor before you move forward.

Does Not Cater to All Hair Types

Hair that is darker and brunette responds better to laser treatments as they are attracted better to pigmentation. Currently, we are still working on hair that has no pigmentation such as white hair, light red, or even light blonde. The perfect hair type is coarse, rough, and bristly hair. The finest and smoothest hair often creates problems throughout the treatment and the laser does not pick them well as well. However, the technicians are still working on advancing their technology and bringing something that can deal with light hair as well.

Won’t Work If You Have Waxed/ Tweezed

If you have recently had a run to the parlor for waxing or maybe had a sudden tweezing session right at your home, you might want to delay your laser hair removal appointment. One of the mistakes that most women and now men also do is that they remove their hair for any reason and then go for their laser treatment. It’s the last thing that you should be doing. You should have proper hair growth before you think of going for the treatment.

But the real catch here is, that you can SHAVE before the session, that is surprising, right? I mean why can’t we tweeze or wax if we can just shave? For us, shaving, tweezing, and waxing everything is the same, but for the professionals and the practitioners, there is a difference in all these three practices. Waxing and tweezing remove the hair follicles whereas saving does not and that is more feasible for the laser treatment. One of the reasons why shaving is preferred is because it does not take off the follicles which becomes easier for the laser to target them.

Whereas waxing and tweezing take off the follicles as well and that does not work well with the overall laser treatment. In case you are planning to get a wax before getting your laser hair treatment, we recommend you wax at least a week before the treatment. For perfect and better results, it is better you shave the body and not wax or tweeze.

Different Patients Have Different Needs

One of the many things that we recommend people to understand is something that works for your friend does not necessarily work for you too. Every other person has different needs, it is not the one sit-up process, it needs sessions and a lot of sessions and with every session, the growth of the hair would minimize. If your body needs 5 sessions, your friend might get done with it in just three sessions. However, you should know you would need some sessions, in order to get rid of the hair permanently. One of the reasons why hair laser treatments are frequently needed is because they often come in the growth stage and they do not come out entirely and easily.

Moreover, in case you are going through PCOS or other hormonal issues then there may be some fluctuations in your sessions. You might end up getting more sessions than your sister who does not have PCOS. The primary goal of the laser hair removal treatment is to get rid of 80%-90% of hair, 100% entirely is not possible.

If Confused, Consult a Doctor

The best thing that you can do for yourself before getting treatment is getting a consultation from a doctor, someone who is professional and knows about everything and can guide you better. One of the many mistakes is that most people do not take the consultation from the professionals and make decisions on the basis of their own judgments and friends’ experiences and then end up getting scammed or do not make the right decision for their bodies.

The professionals who know their work can guide the customer better, they know how many sessions a person should go and how it will be taken care of. When you are putting your body in the hands of professionals it is extremely important to discuss all the details with the concerned person.