4 Myths About Laser Hair Removal Treatment That You Should Be Aware Of

by | Jun 10, 2022

Everybody wants a hair-free body and looking for a permanent solution for it. While there are many fixes for your body hair, some misconceptions and myths just throw the whole idea of laser hair removal treatment down the drain. One of the best things that you need to understand is that laser hair treatment is not permanent but one thing is for sure your hair growth will be drastically reduced. With the right kind of tool and the procedure, you can get rid of your body hair temporarily. There are a whole lot of things that you need to consider while getting a laser hair removal treatment for your body.

Nevertheless, like with every good thing, there are a few myths and misconceptions that are attached to laser hair removal treatment. Here are a few myths that are widely known all around the world and are keeping people from getting this treatment. We are here to discuss them and educate people about how wrong they are and how you should get the treatment done.

1. Colored Hair Cannot be Removed

One of the funniest myths we would say, the laser does not check or see the “color” of your hair before working on them. You just need to have a hair regardless of the color it would just start working on it. The main reason for this kind of myth is that the lasers hardly target the melanin in the darker shades and for that, some high contrast machines were required for them to work, in order to work it more effectively. Nevertheless, today laser machinery is more advanced and they know how to deal with any kind of hair color, so whether you are a blonde or brunette your body hair will be 100% gone with laser treatment.

2. It has the same effect on all hair

This is another misconception that repels people from getting this treatment is that it has the same kind of impact on all kinds of hair. The hair type of every person is different, you and your sister cannot have the same kind of hair and that is quite an obvious thing that you would notice with your naked eye. The hair type of every individual differs big time and that is maybe because of the kind of colors they have and other textures. The response to this myth is, that different hair types react differently to the treatment. However, there is no one kind of hair type that does not respond to the treatment. No matter what kind of hair you have, they will have some kind of effect of the laser hair removal treatment.

3. It can remove your hair forever

Well, this is the most common form of misconception that you would hear from people all around the world. Laser hair removal does not in any way mean you would get rid of your hair forever, or it damages a person’s hair follicle which impends the hair growth right from the follicle. Nevertheless, due to the hair follicle density all over the body and the natural changes that come to a body, it is imperative for a person to get their laser treatment done every now and then. The sittings include the frequent laser sessions however with time the overall frequency of the treatment minimizes. Nevertheless, the fact that it removes the hair COMPLETELY is totally untrue and you should make sure you get the treatment until the hair growth is deeply affected.

4. The procedure cannot be done in the summer

Well, the preferred season should be winter or fall, but this is completely wrong information that says the whole procedure cannot be done in the summer season. One of the reasons why people prefer getting it in winter is because there is less skin exposure to the sun. when you are undergoing this treatment, it is recommended that you should keep yourself entirely away from the sun and the lesser the exposure is the better it will be.

Another reason why it was believed is that tanned skin and the exposure to skin and should be protected from the sun that is why people believed that summertime is not a good time for the treatment. The good news is now we have advanced machinery which allows the people to get the overall treatment done in whatever season they wish to.