Pregnancy Waxing

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Waxing At Another Level! 

Our Waxologists are trained with special techniques and positions. This helps make waxing during pregnancy as comfortable as possible.

When it comes to pregnancy waxing we have been taking it to the next level in the industry for many years. Alaa the founder of Allure Body Bar understands what it feels like to be pregnant. Not being able to take care of your body as you would pre-pregnancy can get hard.

Alaa had noticed during her first pregnancy in 2010 that there are no waxing services being offered in the industry for pregnancy.  The industry lacked the knowledge on how to cater to a client whos body is sensitive and changing.

That’s why she exclusively created the Pre-Natal Bikini Wax. In this service, we take extra care in removing as much or as little hair as you would like.  Even if you’re not getting the Pre-Natal Bikini wax our Waxologists will still use extra care in ensuring your waxing experience is comfortable.

If you have been waxing regularly before becoming pregnant than follow up appointments aren’t as sensitive. We recommend waxing every 3 weeks to prevent sensitivity. You can book your last appointment with us for two weeks before your estimated due date.

We do our best to aim for waxing all the hair. However, this all depends on your sensitivity, hair growth, and our Waxologists expertise of weather she thinks its advisable to remove all the hair.

Even if you are just planning on getting your legs waxed. Our waxologists are able to get the backside done without getting you to lay on your belly.

We got this mama!

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High Hygiene Standards Always In Place

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Pregnancy Waxing

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