Because We Love Our Clients

Allure’s Waxing Rewards

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Loyalty Program

All our clients are automatically enrolled in the Waxing Rewards Program.

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What is Allure’s Waxing Rewards?

Allure’s Waxing Rewards program was created to thank you for being our loyal clients. We mean seriously Thank you for saving your “bushes” for us. We love mowing our clients by providing them with an amazing waxing experience each and every time. Points are awarded each time you choose us for your waxing services and can be used in return towards your future waxing services and or to purchase products.

(*one membership per client, *memberships can not be merged)

How can you become apart of the waxing rewards program ?
You don’t have to do anything! All our clients are automatically included in the rewards program and are already earning points.

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Good To Know

Are Allure waxing Rewards redeemable for cash?
No. Points are not redeemable for cash – points have no cash value.

Do Allure waxing Rewards expire?
No, the points never expire.

How can you redeem your earned waxing rewards points?
Just like any other points program there are a few rules and restrictions.

* Pay in Full. Points are redeemable as soon as you have accumulated enough points to purchase a service or retail product in full.

Points cannot be redeemed for partial services or products.

If a pre-scheduled appointment is cancelled, no points will be accrued.

Points will not be awarded for any services or products associated with a promotion.

Points will not be awarded for any transactions paid for with a gift card or for any transactions which are paid for with points.

Points are non-transferable but can be used to purchase a gift card.

Members of discount programs, promotional programs, and employees, their friends and families, of Allure Body Bar are not eligible for points.

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The Big Question

How much are points worth?
1000 points = $1.00 credited to your Allure Rewards account.

How do I accumulate points?
It’s easy! You accumulate points through everyday interactions with Allure Body Bar.

Below is a list of ways you can accumulate points, and their assigned value …
5000 Points for referring a new client to Allure Body Bar.
500 Points for scheduling your next visit during your current visit.
500 Points for online booking.
10 point for each dollar spent on products in our retail.
10 points for each dollar spent on services at Allure Body Bar.