(broW-ah-Ho-LiK) Noun:

“a person who is obsessed with well-groomed bold eyebrows”


Is manscaping really becoming more and more popular ?

Over 1,000’s Of Manzilians Pruned

Proudly Since 2012

You Grow It, We Mow It

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Post Waxing Care

We carry simple and quality products for making post waxing care simple for you.

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No glove means no love! We take pride in our top hygine standards. No double dipping here and we use latex free gloves.

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All of our clients automatically get enrolled into a loyalty reward system.

We dont make you buy into one! 

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Are you waxing regularly?

Do check out our memberships the next time your in. 

Members save 20% off waxing services.


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Waxing Is What We Do

Home Of The Quickzilian Brazilian Wax

“Our waxing services are designed to help you look and feel your very best. If you are looking for waxing services in Danforth, Newmarket, and Vaughan to get rid of unwanted body hair around your bikini area, we have all the tools and expertise necessary in order to provide you with the best waxing results.”

Speed Waxing Experts

Our dedicated and experienced wax aestheticians are available to make your experience at our wax bar in Toronto, Newmarket or Vaughan beauty school as soothing as we can.

We go out of our way to provide you with the best results in the most comfortable, relaxing environment possible.

Before coming to one of our wax places in Danforth Newmarket, or Vaughan you might be thinking that waxing isn’t for you because you are afraid of being judged for your body hair.

Judgement Free Zone

Our Waxologist are normal people as well. We aren’t photoshopped and we understand how our clients might feel.

We believe everyone is equal and everyone is beautiful.

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Benefits Of A Manzilian Bixni Wax

  •  Keeps it fresh
  • It makes your package look bigger!
  • It makes you look tidy and clean.
  • Prevent transmission of one of the most common STD’s (pubic lice)
  • Hair texture changes instantly right after the first wax session.
  • An added bonus? It increases your sensitivity.

We promise to deliver the best male waxing in Toronto.

Is Your Wink Pink?          Intimate Area Skin Lighten

Our skin lightening product for the intimate area is unlike anything else out there. These products and services are only indented to change the discoloration that has occurred due to hormonal changes and environmental factors. Our product is safe for use of the most sensitive skin out there and FDA approved. 

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735 Danforth ave,

Toronto, Ontario

M4J 1L2

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58 Davis Dr,

Newmarket, Ontario

L3Y 2M7

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3255 Rutherford Rd j21,
Concord, Ontario 
L4K 5Y5


(Wax-oo-Lo-GySt) Noun;

” a miracle worker who specializes in mowing your lawn clean. Talks non stop to keep you distracted & runs on Coffee.”

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