Waxing 101

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Waxing Pre Care

Being prepared for your wax is important. Do take a minute to check out our Pre waxing care tips.

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Waxing Post Care

Now that your going to get waxed the next 24 hours are really important. Below is our Post waxing care tips.

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Waxing Virgin

Never had a wax? Don’t be scared. We get waxing newbies all the time. Your goodies are in safe hands. 

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Is manscaping really becoming more and more popular you think? Looking at these male models in magazines with sexy smooth looking bodies is a jaw drop for ladies. 

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Heads Up!


These normal reactions can occur in all waxing procedures, they just vary in intensity person to person. Someone whos new to waxing or has not waxed in over 6 weeks can experience these reactions.

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  • Mild Tingling Sensation/Itching: both these reactions are related to the hair being waxed out of the pores. They are forms of irritation and the body’s way to respond to the hair being waxed.
  • Redness or Bumps: this happens because the body reacts to the hair follicles being pulled out from the root by causing a temporary inflammation of the skin. Post-waxing redness can look to occur on the whole area that was waxed or only a few tiny red bumps can appear; both of these are normal reactions and will go away.
  • Spots Bleeding: it sounds scarier than it is. Relax, this is a reaction of the hair follicles being pulled (waxed) out of the skin. The empty hair follicles where the hair once used to be can cause a little blood to fill up in that follicle once the initial waxing process is completed due to the hair being thick and strong. This is normal and should subside around the same time that redness would. The spots that “may” bleed should be just a couple of pores, and mostly if the area you have waxed is very sensitive and had thick strong hair.
  • Pimples Waxing leaves your pores open and breakouts can occur afterward due to bacteria entering through the freshly waxed pores. This can cause inflammation and potential infection. It is common to get tiny bumps or whiteheads after a wax whether you are getting your eyebrows, upper lip, or your cupcake waxed. It is best to avoid touching freshly waxed skin and to wash the area as soon as possible once your home.