Full Body Waxing Expert

Waxing care is really important and our wax-o-logist are highly trained to provide you with the best waxing care and specially hand picked by the creator of the “Quickzilian Wax”. The Quickzilian wax is a our twist to the Brazilian wax which is done in 8 minutes.

Our wax-o-logist are not allowed to touch clients until they go through a strict training protocol. Your safety is really important for us therefore we practice high hygiene standards while performing your wax services.

You will never find us double dipping the stick into the wax pot, which means we dip one stick into the pot and then throw it away after it touches the clients skin. This process ensures that there is no cross contamination between clients. Preparing well for your wax appointment is really important.

Please take a look at our waxing pre care  and post care to have a great long lasting smooth wax experience.

Waxing is an art and to do it well you need to have passion for it. That is why at Allure Body Bar our wax-o-logist love what they do.

This is our passion for waxing so let us share this with you. If you have had a traumatic wax experience in the past that has left you scared than you need to visit us and let us change your mind. From the moment you walk in for your wax appointment we look forward to your comfort and love making our clients feel confident and beautiful by the time your wax appointment is done.

We are a unisex wax bar which means we warm heartedly welcome both men and woman at our wax bar to enjoy a professional waxing experience.