Waxing Post Care

Dress Wisely

Don’t wear tight panties for the next few days. Wear plain cotton underwear after your wax, lace or un-breathable materials can irritate the area.

Hands Off!

Keep hands away from touching freshly waxed skin, as this can encourage irritation or small pimples.

Cool Off

With a cool temperature shower or bath. Keep the waxed area clean, but do not use harsh cleansers or creams for 24 hours post wax.Our famous Love Fresh lotions are excellent for post care since they are made with avocado lotion, essential oils and are non greasy.

Not Too Hot

No tanning beds, saunas or steam rooms for the next two days. If you don’t follow this waxing post care step then your skin will just look like you have been cooked, so if thats not the look you are going for please follow this step.

Goods & Goodies Off Limit

Sexual activity should be avoided for at least 24 – 48 hours. Yup thats right your partner will hate this waxing post care step but its for your own good.

Scrub… Scrub…Scrub…

Two full days later use an exfoliating glove in the shower to prevent ingrown hair or bumps.You should use exfoliating gloves, brushes or belts with our Love Fresh all natural scrubs to get smooth skin. PARABEN & PETROLEUM FREE!


shaving between waxes. Shaving causes the hairs to become very coarse and can be difficult to wax.

Fight The Bumps

And ingrown hairs with PFB Vanish for $22

Say Goodbye To Ingrown Hair

Waxing post care tip for stubborn scarbs and ingrown hair. PFB Vanish is a gel based formula for ingrown hair and scars. This roll-on prevents bumps, razor burn and ingrown hair which can be caused by hair as it grows back. PFB Vanish exfoliated the skin and helps the ingrown hair release from under the skin. This roll-on has many benefits packed all in one like its antibacterial and helps fade away scars so you can have flawless smooth skin.

This can be used on cheeks, sideburns, chin, arms, legs, brazilian bikini, Manzilian bikini and underarms. Both men and woman can used this daily to achieve maximum results or as advised by your wax-o-logist. Do not use this if you are allergic to aspirin.