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Laser Hair Removal Toronto

Tired of unwanted body hair? Get it removed!

Allure Body Bar is the one-stop shop for all your unwanted hair problems. You can have them removed wherever and whenever you want with the best possible and most attractive treatments. With the experts available at Allure Body Bar, you can experience a massive reduction in your monthly hair growth in the most unwanted places.

Rushing to the parlor every month for body waxing or investing in a high-end shaving machine can be heavy on the pocket and yield short-term results. Laser hair removal Toronto is the solution to your everyday struggle. With the best body laser hair removal, you can enjoy hair-free days at the most affordable rates. If you are based anywhere around Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, or Nonmarket, you don’t have to worry about getting your hair removed. Laser hair removal in Toronto has become more affordable than ever, focusing not only on hair removal but also on reducing the financial burden.

A Dream Come True for You

Full-body laser hair removal Toronto is a dream come true for everyone, not just women. Men are also catered to with the same enthusiasm. We understand how annoying shaving can be for everyone, so we are not gender-specific in any way. Allure Body Bar believes in diversifying its customer base and welcomes everyone with the best and perfectly aligned services. Whether you need a permanent hair removal solution or a laser hair removal service, we have everything you need.

Those days are long gone when people had to endure the physical pain of waxing. Today, there are various methods and machines available to get rid of unwanted hair without any pain. If you have a low pain threshold and just the thought of body waxing sends shivers down your spine, then full-body laser hair removal is the perfect solution for you. Laser hair removal is worth your investment. It will give you the results that will make you love your body more than ever.

No More Dark Areas

It’s not just the hair that you will get rid of; there is more that you can do. Laser hair removal can help lighten your dark areas as well. However, there won’t be a drastic change in skin color. We don’t expect a significant shift in skin tone. The lighter tone can move slightly towards a darker one, and the darker tone can shift towards a lighter one. Therefore, we don’t make any promises regarding drastic color changes, but we acknowledge that there can be a shift in skin tone. So be prepared to embrace the change, whichever way it goes.. 

Worth Your Money

Worried that it won’t yield any results? Or that it will be a waste of money? Well, you shouldn’t be. At Allure Body Bar, the experts know their job very well, and they strive to provide their clients with the best experience possible. With electrolysis laser hair removal treatment, you can get rid of unwanted hair and enjoy life without frequent salon visits or shaving sessions. Invest your savings in this life-changing experience and enjoy hair-free days.

Price List

When we say we are affordable, we totally mean it. Check the price list below!

Above the Belt

per session prices

Upper lip                         $75

Bye bye Stache!

Chin                                 $75

Front and underside

Neck (+Beard Line)       $160

Neck all around (And a sharp line at the bottom edge of your beard.)

Full Face                          $250

Lip, Chin, Side and down front of neck

Shoulder                          $160

Front, top and back

Underarms                     $120

No more ingrowns!

Full Arms                             $260

All the way down including hand and fingers

Half Arm                               $180

Above the elbow or below the elbow including hand and fingers

Chest + Abdomen              $280

From Neck to top of bikini

Tommy                                  $140

From bottom of breasts to top of bikini

Full Back                               $280

From neck to tailbone including backs of shoulder

Below the Belt

per session prices

Bikini Line                        $150

Just the sides and across the top

Bum Cheeks                   $180

From tailbone to top of legs

Full Legs                           $320

From the hips down, including feet and toes.

Upper legs                          $220

From bikini to top of Knees

Lower legs                           $220

Including knees feet and toes


Drop the Razor, Start Thinking Laser

Time to say goodbye to the extra toiletries that are occupying your bathroom. Shaving is not only physically taxing but if you think long term, it can be pretty financially exhausting too. If you accumulate all the finances that you have invested in shaving and waxing all your life it would exceed the amount that costs to get a laser. Laser hair removal in New Market can be a life-changing experience for you. Once you are done with all the sessions, you will realize how big of a change it has made on your body. You would start liking your body more than ever. 

Why Should You Choose the Allure Body Bar?

The question is legit? I mean what are we offering that would make you want to choose us? Well, there is one long list. The Allure Body Bar is not just a laser hair removal store, we offer a lot more than that. Our expert staff firstly are well aware of their competencies and expertise. Apart from that, they know how to make the customers comfortable. As getting the laser done in intimate areas can be daunting and scary, we understand that therefore we make sure the customer is all set to get the treatment first and then provide them with the given treatment.

Following are the reasons why there is no better place in Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Toronto, Vaughan for Laser Hair Removal Treatment than the Allure Body Bar.


Affordability, we charge minimal rates for all the services we provide.


No compromise on the quality, we make sure you get the best results and love your body and skin more than you already do.


We have medical professionals available for your service. So, do not worry about the results!


We are operational from 9 am-8 pm from Monday- Friday and from 9 am-5 pm on Saturdays.


Our experts have an extensive experience of 28 years, so when we say we know what we do, we mean it.


We offer free consultations and assessments to all first-timers. Whatever questions you have, you can ask them.


Customer satisfaction is our main goal, we understand that is the only way to attract more customers.


Located in all the main areas, so reaching there will not be a problem for you.


We have an extensive staff that includes nurses, and medical professionals as well.


100% certification from all the renowned bodies.

Why Should You Get It?

Laser hair removal treatment is an advanced technology that helps the individual in getting rid of body hair. It targets the hair follicle of whatever place you want to get the laser. By targeting it, we destroy the follicle which results in no longer growing the hair and eliminating it forever. The whole treatment results in giving you smooth and hair-free in just a few weeks. 

We all want smooth and hair-free skin and there is no better way to get it than getting a laser hair removal treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal Treatment- Staff

Our staff is highly trained, we do not hire just anybody we make sure our employees are professionally trained and they know how to do the job. The overall laser treatment is painless so you do not have to worry about that at least. We have Canadian-approved medical professionals and systems available to ensure your treatment is not affected in any way and your post-treatment care is well done too. With just 4-8 sessions you can be hair-free and enjoy the smoother skin.

Where Can We Get It?

One of the most confusing parts of the overall treatment is when people ask what body part can we get it at? Well, when we say you can get it on your overall body, we actually mean it. The treatment is highly effective and is quite gentle on the most sensitive areas, we still recommend getting the consultation first.

The most common areas to get it at are

  • Face (upper lip, sideburn, chin)
  • Legs
  • Bikini area
  • Brazilian
  • Underarms
  • Back

If you think your desired area is not mentioned above, you can contact us for further consultation.

How Does it Work?

Most people do not know how does it even work? Do we have to wait for long hours for the session to complete? Well, you do have to wait but the wait is all worth it. After the multiple appointments are done, only then you are done with the whole process. It is important to show up on the appointment day and make sure you are following the after-care routine that is recommended. 

The expert technicians use pulses of infrared diode laser which heats up hair follicles in the subdermal skin layer. It damages the hair follicles resulting in the delay of future growth. We do not promise the hair removal will be 100% done permanently. However, there will be a visible difference in the overall growth of your body hair. With the combination of IN Motion technology along with the patented Dual Chill, the skin surface will remain cool throughout the treatment.

Tanning Not Recommended

If you are on the darker side you may need to check with special consideration while undergoing the laser. It works by directing the light energy right towards follicles which means that in case your skin is dark the practitioners may have a problem in targeting the hair. In the case of lighter skin color, do not go for tanning at all as it increases the potential danger. It further causes heat to accumulate on the skin and with the direct intensity of the treatment, the overall procedure is done.

Have a question

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You may have a lot of questions in your mind, we understand how confusing the whole process can be. We will help you understand what it is and answer all the potential questions as well.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

It is a medical process that uses a concentrated light beam (laser) in order to remove unwanted hair. During the whole process, the laser emits light which is absorbed by hair pigmentation (hair melanin).

How much does the whole process cost?

There is no definite cost to it. The process varies from person to person, you may need 5 sessions only but your friend may get done with it just in 3 sessions. It is slightly on the pricier side but the results are totally worth it.

How long do its results last?

Again, the results vary from person to person. For you, it may last for a few months only ad for a friend it may take a year for the results to wear off. However, the more sessions you take the lesser hair growth you will see.

Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment hurt?

It may hurt a little but it is not something huge. You will get around to it very soon and the process will be smooth for you.

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment like?

It is normal to feel some discomfort, particularly in sensitive areas such as under the legs and under the arms but it will not be very painful. In most cases, it feels like a tiny rubber band flicking one’s skin.

When will I finally see the results?

It is okay to be curious and eager to see the results of the process, but you will have to bear a little patience with it. The more you wait for it the better results you will see.

How long does one session of laser hair removal last?

It totally depends on the area that is being treated. For upper lips, it does not take more than 1 minute, 5-7 minutes on both underarms, and almost 25-30 mins to do full legs.

What shall I expect after the treatment?

A smoother and clearer skin. The process is long but the results are so worth it.

Are the results permanent?

Not really, the results are not permanent however, the growth will be slow and massively reduced too. The more sessions you take the more reduction you will see in the growth.

Is the treatment worth it?

Totally, you would never regret taking this treatment.